How Digital Marketing will help Small Business to Grow?

A small business without a digital strategy is like you are running in a race but you cannot win and you’ll always be a participant. According to research, more than two billion people are expected to make their purchases online by 2021. This huge count includes both products and services. Looking at numbers individually, there is a large audience online that your small business can opt into.

A small business starts out with one major goal in mind to reach out to potential customers and grow. To do that you need to make people aware of your brand, products, and services. To get your products and services out there you need an effective digital marketing strategy. The question is which digital strategy to use. The best answer is the one that gets you relevant customers and follows companies’ vision and goals accordingly.

Let’s start off with our best digital marketing campaign step by step:

Create or Update your (GMB) Google My Business Listing: –

Google has reported that a staggering 46% of all searches have local intent (Source: Search Engine RoundTable). Yet, despite knowing this information, so many businesses fail to take advantage of the free-to-use Google My Business platform. There are several perks of getting set up on Google My Business, so whether you’re considering creating a listing for your business or looking for the best ways to boost your local presence. Through (GMB) Google My Business customer can connect you from Google maps, looking at your Logo, highlighted services, your time availability, your latest offers and posts and few explorative checklists such as “Request a Quote” and many more.


PPC ads have become a very popular and effective digital marketing strategy. PPC can be very expensive if not keeping a proper tab on campaigns and budget alignments. At the same time if you are operating such campaigns through AdWords certified digital agency then you will rest assured. PPC allows your website to rank in the top paid search engine results for certain keywords people are searching on Google.

If your business is using keywords that are considered popular (and other businesses are competing for them), then get ready to spend some top dollar for it. But if you want to avoid that and still use PPC effectively, you can always use the more affordable longtail keywords.

As for the ad format, you can take advantage of creating video ads. Based on a recent study by IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report, video ad spend continues to grow. In fact, it has increased up to 25% this year. And also, 86% of marketers worldwide use video ads for their PPC campaigns. That’s how effective it is.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a great option to drive traffic as well as engagement. In this campaign, you can use almost any kind of content that you have.

Depending on what you have or what you want to use at the moment, you can go with blogs, infographics, videos, and more. Your content is going to be driven by your keywords. So what you really need here is content that is rich in keywords without losing its quality.

The primary driving force for your content is your blog post. So each post needs those quality longtail keywords that will drive traffic and lead. The key is to come up with and use great keywords. You can come up with these on your own, or you can use tools for finding great keywords.

Social Media:

We all know the power of social media. It offers unmatched reach that other platforms find hard to rival. Let us be clear about one thing, though. For social media outreach to work, you need to have the willingness to invest in it. And we are talking both time and money here. Also important is the exact social media network that you want to focus your efforts on.

Do you want it to be on Facebook? Or maybe you want it on Twitter? Our advice would be to spend some time researching your target audience to see which platform they’re active on the most! Depending on which platform you choose, there may be organic (unpaid) options, or it may be more of a “pay-to-play” platform. Regardless, we’d recommend setting aside an advertising budget to help you accomplish your goals on social media.

Email campaigns:

Email campaigns need to be a must for small business advertising campaigns. At the forefront are email newsletters, which are very easy to set up. You place an opt-in form on your website so potential customers will know the latest updates about your company. These sign-ups are usually integrated into websites courtesy of email service providers. But what about those businesses that do not have a website of their own? Can they still use this type of campaign?

Of course. All they need to do is use their Facebook page. If they already have an email list, then they can pair it up with their Facebook page to start a nice little marketing campaign.

An email can be automatically sent them reminding them of the product and prompting them to check out. Choosing between a newsletter-based email marketing campaign and a drip sequence campaign just depends on the nature of your business and what makes the most sense for you at this time.

So what are you waiting for don’t let your business go stagnant, let your business fly with one of the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai.