Our Origins:

Our journey began in 2009, when the team members who work under a single brand today were scattered across various corners of Toronto. We were playing two roles back then - one was that of a full-time employee and the other was that of a part-time freelancer working independently for clients based mainly in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Destiny, it seems, brought us together at different points in time. This happened while trying to fulfil the needs of our clients who kept asking for content writers, web designers, illustrators, AdWords specialists, SEOs and Social Media Experts on different occasions for their requirements. After a certain period of time, this creative bunch of freelancers felt comfortable working with each other and enjoyed the freedom of being their own masters as well.

Our Growth:

As the number of clients increased, each of us felt the need to invest a lot more time working for 'our clients' instead of working for the companies where we were still identified as 'employees'. This led to a mutual decision to quit our respective jobs and devote most of our daily hours working together as a team of freelancers providing a range of services related to Digital Marketing. As we didn't have to depend on anyone outside the team for our requirements, the quality of our work and reputation for strong customer service among our clients grew phenomenally. New client acquisitions happened faster than we had predicted and the number of clients increased.


Our Success:

The growth was truly encouraging, but we wanted to take our association to its next level and felt that this could be done by forming a company. In the summer of 2012, we were brainstorming on giving a suitable name for our company. Just then, a suggestion came from Roger, the most enterprising individual among us. "In this competitive world of today, every business is aspiring to take off and reach greater heights, and for this, it needs wings - DigitalWings," he said.


We were all convinced that no other name would suit our company better than this one. Thus, DigitalWings was born in the year 2012. With this name, our reputation grew further among the online communities of entrepreneurs within a span of five years. One by one, they began approaching us. As a result, we are working with bigger clients and generating more revenues for our company today.

Our Team



Roggy (Captain of the Ship)
Being the Founder and CEO of DigitalWings, he's the one who calls the shots when it comes to formulating and executing online marketing strategies of our clients. He has spent more than 10 years in this field, so he knows how to take your business to its next level. Everyone in our company counts on him for his profound knowledge of marketing and his 'be positive' mantra always helps us emerge as winners in any difficult situation (his blood group is B+, by the way). His sense of humor creates an atmosphere of fun at work and makes us feel completely at home. His motto in life - work hard, party hard!



Swappy (The All-rounder)


Steven (The All-rounder)
Today, YouTube is his second home; but, in his career spanning 9 years, he has also done Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. He enjoys all the appreciation and heaps of praises showered on him by our clients for his videos and grapic designs, but this never distracts him from his tasks at hand. If anyone asks about YouTube Marketing, we proudly bring him on. He works in silence, but dances to his heart's content at parties!





AJ (The Wordsmith)
He is our very own Shakespeare. Give him your choice of words and he can create an entire story out of them. You'll always find him in a corner, happily immersed in his own world of words. At times, he gets so lost that it becomes hard to get a response from him. For over 8 years, his words have gone a long way in increasing brand popularity of several businesses. Usually he doesn’t talk much (we’re glad he’s improving), but if you’re a fan of Paulo Coelho, he can have endless conversations with you.




Swapna (Go Getter)

Her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques would make Google, Bing, and Yahoo, rank your website way ahead of your competitors. And why not? She has been in this business for over 5 years. So, if your business is nowhere to be seen on these search engines, we guarantee that she’ll bring it on the 1st page of search results. When that’s done, don't forget to compliment her with some chocolates and ice creams.





Dheera (The Social Guy)
Socializing is his natural talent. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, he can turn your business into a SUPERBRAND on the social channels. He has done this for many brands for over three years. So, trust us, your potential customers (and the existing ones as well) would never stop talking about your brand on social media, thanks to his fantastic social strategies. He’s the youngest in the company, and the ladies fall for his charms!