In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of enhancing the ability of a website, textual content, image, or video to get organic traffic from the search engines through the use of effective strategies. So, if you want your company to become one of the most recognized brands on the web, it becomes absolutely necessary to increase the visibility of your website in the searches of leading search engines. This is where it needs DigitalWings!

Our SEO Strategies to Keep You Visible on Search Engines


SEO SWOT Analysis

This is our very first step towards popularizing your website and increasing its visibility on the search engines. We conduct a thorough market research of your competitors and identify the opportunities as well as threats concerning your website. We also conduct a detailed keyword research to define the right keywords for your business based on the search trends.

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On-Page & Off-Page Strategy

Our on-page optimization strategies improve your website's position in the search engine rankings. We keep it optimized with the right elements, such as content, meta tags, and keywords. This gives it an edge over your competitors' websites on the search engines. We also include certain off-page functions in our online marketing plans to take your website higher in the search results.


Keyword Analysis & Selection

We shortlist the quality search volume keywords from the ones that we’ve defined and select the keywords or search phrases having a high competition, including the long-tail keywords. They’re the ones that carry the potential to attract maximum visitors to your website through organic searches.

Traffic & Ranking

Monitoring Traffic & Ranking

We keep track of your website's rankings on the search engines by monitoring its traffic on a daily basis. This not only enables us in understanding your website's performance on the search engines but also helps us in evaluating the effectiveness of our SEO strategies and taking some corrective actions as and when required.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In recent times, the consumers prefer companies that offer them something of great value rather than the ones that continuously boast about their products or services through advertisements. It is, therefore, our endeavor to create brand awareness for your business online by creating, publishing, and sharing valuable and informative content on the web.



Our reporting service is also a vital element in the list of our SEO strategies. Our reports give you a complete overview of the SEO functions that we’ve performed and their results. They also empower you to give us your feedback and discuss the future course of action based on the evolving online marketing trends.

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