SEO – A newer tool for attorneys

With our lives revolving around the internet, anyone would hardly disagree that they search google for almost anything and everything they need in their life. And their purchasing decisions are influenced by the search result of their queries.

Finding an attorney over the internet was considered a wild idea until a few years ago. But nowadays, the majority of people just search google for the best law firms in the town. This shift of behavior has made law firms put more effort into improving their reach to prospective customers.

To ensure that your law firm’s site has better visibility to the customers, you need to make sure that it gets listed higher in the SERPs.

Here comes the role of SEO which will help your website get more organic traffic consisting of prospective customers.

Why do law firms need SEO?

Reports suggest that, on average, 70% of the new customers of law firms find them through their website. They also indicate that the number of users opening the second link in SERP is exponentially lesser than the number of users opening the first link. These facts establish that SEO for an attorney is the need of the hour. Those who are lagging in it are losing the market.

SEO is a gem in attracting targeted consumer traffic to your website, whereas this isn’t the case with other techniques like PPC or social media optimization. Because they need regular huge investments, fail to guarantee returns, and have a short-term impact on increasing the traffic. On the other hand, whatever practices we adopt while implementing the SEO of websites last for a longer period of time and improves the domain’s authority.

How do we do it?

  • We use numerous white hat SEO techniques
  • Improving your site’s architecture – We analyze your sitemap and help you index the web pages in a manner that increases their authority and improves the ranking.
  • Keyword research – We find relevant and achievable keywords for which we want your site to secure top positions in the SERP.
  • Content publishing – We help you develop content that can generate organic traffic to your site. For example, users prefer long-form articles as they find them to be more enriching and value-adding than short-form content.
  • Link building – We also help you to score high-quality, authoritative backlinks which increases your site authority and improves its ranking.
  • Useful features of SEO – SEO provides us with the ease to play around with different tools and tricks for its effective implementation-

We can customize title tags and meta descriptions, thus making it easier for the unique indexing of all web pages.

We should customize the website for mobile user experience as the number of customers who use mobile to browse and making transactions using it is skyrocketing.

We shall adopt more organized URL structures that make it easier for the website to be more authoritative while being crawled by the browser.

These were some of the crucial features of SEO for attorneys, though it’s not the end of the list, and as they are many more to it.

What to expect after SEO?

We can expect much better results after adopting SEO-based techniques, than any other form of marketing practices. The conversion rates of search traffic are approx 10 times higher than social media traffic, and it is much more cost-effective.