SEO is what your e-commerce business needs-  

E-Commerce is a sector that is almost entirely dependent on internet traffic as most of the prospective customers are highly influenced by the rank at which your site appears when they search for something. The chances of anyone clicking on the link to your website are inversely proportional to your site’s rank in SERP. If your site ranks at first place in a SERP, chances of the users clicking on it are much higher than if it appeared in second place. The volume decreases exponentially with an increase in rank.

Benefits of implementing SEO for your business

By putting best SEO practices in place, you will see an increase in your site’s traffic. It will appear higher in the search results attract more traffic to it. Implementing SEO e-commerce websites is much more cost-effective than the traditional ways of marketing also, its reach is far beyond the limits of these old-school methods. It is customer-centric and ensures that the traffic consists of more and more people from your targeted audience. The conversion rates are higher than the conventional methods. Most SEO techniques involve producing quality content about your brand and product, which can provide detailed information to the customers as they add value to the customer’s overall experience of the product.

How do we do SEO for your e-commerce website-

There are numerous ways for efficient SEO of e-commerce websites. We implement the best practices available in the market, make a roadmap, and pre-plan everything about the process. We have a team with expertise in every domain of SEO.

Some of the crucial tactics we use are as follows-

Keyword research – 

We research your market and narrow down a list of keywords and develop content around these. It benefits your site by ensuring that whenever a user searches these keywords, your web page appears on the top of SERP.

Improving site architecture-

We help you improve your site architecture and ensure that the pages aren’t deeply indexed but arranged lucidly. It helps t users to navigate easily on the website across different pages. An inefficient design could dilute the authorities of the links.

On-site SEO –

Under this section, we ensure that the pages you publish have all the essentials to make sure they ran better on SERP.

These mainly involve the tweaking and polishing of the title, meta description, the specification of the images, URL updating them in the way we suggest, which will improve your site’s presence.

Apart from the few tricks we discussed here, we have a holistic approach consisting of various tiny bits and pieces, and we make sure everything is in the right place to give maximum results.

Key features of SEO-

There are several features of SEO that we apply to your website. Let’s discuss a few of them in detail-

Mobile customization –

As the number of users buying things through mobile has increased, mobile customization has become a crucial SEO feature to be taken care of.

Ease of internal search-

as most of the websites will have numerous product pages or web pages belonging to different categories. It is necessary to make sure that the users can easily search the page they are searching.

Expected ROI for SEO-

Reports suggest that the SEO for e-commerce is expected to have returns on investment around $2.75 for every one dollar invested.